How Can Caterpillars Stop Cancer?

Long ago, therapeutic mushroom herbs were used as part of the traditional health treatment. One of them is the Cordyceps Sinensis or simply termed, caterpillars. This is known as a great herb for anti-cancer even back then.

Why is this so? Since a caterpillar is considered being both an animal and vegetable, it has the capability of creating sets of pharmacologically active substances a body needs for getting medicinal value in cures.
Discovered by Miles Berkeley in 1843 as Sphaeria Sinensis, Cordyceps Sinensisor is also known as the Ophiocordyceps Sinensis, belonging to the sac fungus genus Ophiocordyceps family. It is the yartsa gunbu or yatsa gunbu (summer herb winter worm), a fungus found in Tibetan that practices old Asian ways in curing. You can also call it a caterpillar fungus or O. Sinensis.
When a caterpillar dies at its homestead, a certain mushroom (can be found in the color of brown or black) will emerge from its head. This happens usually during the seasons of spring or early summer at the Tibetan Plateau, where it is said to grow in hundreds.
There have been claims that caterpillars can actually stop cancer today. Yes, this fact is true. One is colon cancer. As supported by the Mayo Clinic, this can improve chances of curing cancer through stopping the cancer cells from further multiplying. Moreover, being parasitical in form, it also has the capability to help an affected person in fighting and enduring adverse reactions of radiation and chemotherapy during cancer treatments.
Along with this are other ailments like fatigue and heart disease (due to high blood cholesterol), because of being an energy enhancer and a great lung tonic in strengthening the body’s immune system, as well as certain aphrodisiac needs from Chinese cures, Tibetan medicine and traditional Western folk medicines in the USA wherein it was introduce only during 1993.

Who knows? Maybe the future of medical technology will rely on just a small bug.

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