3 Natural Ways To Repair Your Joints

Did you hear the one about the doctors who turned fat into cartilage? No, it’s not a joke or the plot of a science fiction thriller. Believe it or not, scientists are Duke University are working on a procedure that would allow you to use your own fat to rebuild your arthritic joints. In a few years, it could be a reality. The researchers have already succeeded in “training” fat cells in a test tube to become cartilage, the connective tissue that lines your joints. Eventually, they hope to inject this miraculous substance into injured or arthritic joints to help your body heal itself naturally.

If you joints are in need of repair, though, don’t wait for this amazing procedure. Rebuild your joints now –naturally — and relieve the pain of your arthritis today.

Douse your joints with vitamin D.
This nutrient should be high on your list of arthritis-fighters because it protects the cartilage and bones in your joints. And it’s easy to get, too. Just spend some time each day out in the sunshine. Amazingly, your skin can turn five minutes of sunlight, two or three days a week, into all the vitamin D you need. If you have dark skin or live in a colder climate, you might need more sunlight, so increase your vitamin D by eating fortified dairy foods, seafood, and eggs.

Although it’s important to get your daily requirement of vitamin D, taking more may help if you have osteoarthritis of the knee. An eight-year study found that taking higher doses of vitamin D than normally recommended helped control knee pain. Don’t take supplement without checking with your doctor, though, because too much can be toxic.

Care for your cartilage with vitamin C.
Without this critical vitamin, your body could not make collage, the all-important building block for cartilage, muscles, tendons, and bone. This means you risk damaging your joints if you don’t get enough vitamin C. Experts say your joints can weaken three times faster without this nutrient that if you take in enough.

Vitamin C is also important because it’s an antioxidant that naturally fights damage in many parts of your body. A study at Boston University’s Medical Center found that knee cartilage is one of the area it helps. In the study, people who ate foods high in vitamin C had less pain and found their disease progressed more slowly than those who ate less vitamin c. So enjoy plenty oranges, strawberries, and red peppers, and see if your joints feel a little better.

Wash away arthritis troubles with water.
Making new cartilage for your joints could be as simple as drinking eight 8-ounce glasses each day. This crystal-clear beverage is a key ingredient in that joint-protecting tissue. Water also forms a cushion that helps lubricate your joints, which makes them easier to bend and move around.

Paying attention to your nutritional needs may be just a small part of your arthritis treatment, but it’s an important one. It won’t cure your ostearthritis or keep it from getting worse, but it may help improve your quality of life. And who knows? Maybe someday a cure will be as easy as going in for a “tummy tuck” and coming out with a newly built knee.

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